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Title: Generation and applications of carrier-envelope phase stable mid-infrared femtosecond pulses at high repetition rates

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 Title: Field-resolved measurements of ultrafast light-matter interaction

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 Title: Efficient nonlinear compression of a high-power Yb:YAG oscillator to the sub-10 fs regime and its applications

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 Title: Control and tracing of ultrafast electron dynamics in dielectric nanoparticles


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 Title: Ultrafast dynamics on nanostructures in strong fields


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 Title: Laser-induced nuclear dynamics in hydrocarbons 


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Title: Attosecond dynamics of collective electron effects in nanostructures and molecules


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 Title: High repetition rate, phase-stable, infrared OPCPA for strong-field experiments


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 Title: Ultrafast dynamics from quantum to classical regime


 Dr. Matthias Kübel (2014)

 Title: Single-cycle non-sequential double ionization

 Dr. Frederik Süßmann (2013)

 Title: Attosecond dynamics of nano-localized fields probed by photoelectron spectroscopy

 Dr. Irina Znakovskaya (2012)

 Title: Light-waveform control of molecular processes

 Dr. Oliver Herrwerth (2011)

 Title: Atomic and molecular ionization dynamics in strong IR and XUV fields probed by time-resolved coincidence spectroscopy






Jun Xiang Ong

Exploring Laser Induced Damage of Monolayer h-BN by Optical Second-Harmonic Generation

Natalija Sreibere

Feldaufgelöste Spektroskopie mit der TIPTOE

Johannes Blöchl

Laser field sampling with attosecond and nanometer precision

Martin Graßl

Post compression of MHz high-power Yb:YAG thin-disk oscillator towards sub-10-fs regime


Jonas Zimmermann

Optical Characterisation of Submicrometer Particles

Chi-Hsun Wei

Multimodal Nonlinear Label-free Scanning Microscopy

Lina Hedewig

High Harmonic Generation from Crystalline Silicon with a 2 μm Laser

Mohammed Qahosh

Electron Dynamics in a Single C60 Molecule


Franz Haniel

Application of Evolutionary Algorithms in Electron and Ion Imaging

Klaas von der Brelje

CEP measurement of short laser pulses in air

Johannes Blöchl

Erzeugung von ultrakurzen Nah-UV Laserpulsen und Charakterisierung mittels Transient-Grating-Dispersions-Scan

Michael Bachhammer

Nichtsequentielle Doppelionisation mit Einzelzyklen-Laserpulsen

Thomas Possmayer

Detector Design for Nanotrims

Frederik Harzer

Construction of a Flat Liquid Jet Setup and White-light Interferometry Characterization

Kilian Unterguggenberger

Development of an XUV/SXR Spectrometer for Applications in Attosecond Science


Thomas Weatherby

Reaction nanoscopy: near-field-induced, dissociative ionisation from nanoparticles in solution

Anchit Srivastava

Broadband optical parametric amplifier for multimodal microscopy

Maximilian Kubullek

CEP measurement of circularly polarised laser pulses in fused silica

Dziugas Kimbaras

Femtosecond imaging based on sum frequency generation

Dominik Zietlow

Photoionization by counter-rotatingly polarized two color laser pulses

Markus Bohn

Observation of laser-induced electron emission from single molecules

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Control of quantum dynamics in H2 by ultra-short phase-stable laser pulses

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Analysis of laser induced C60 dynamics on a nanotip


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Multi-color control of strong-field ionization


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Strong-field photoemission dynamics from metallic nanostructures


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Characterisation of surface plasmon polaritons on gold nanotips by non-linear photoemission


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Attosecond photoemission from isolated nanoparticles in strong laser fields

Johannes Schötz

Attosecond experiments on plasmonic nanostructures

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Study on molecular photoionization in femtosecond laser field