PostDoc wins Humboldt Research Fellowship

Zilong Wang, who has been a member of the Ultrafast Imaging and Nanophotonics group since November 2018, was awarded a Humboldt Research Fellowship by the Humboldt foundation. The fellowship only goes to postdoctoral researchers from abroad with above average qualifications. The 24 month-project focuses on lightwave electronics in nanomaterials, specifically in two dimensional material systems. “There is a lot to discover,” explains the 32 year-old researcher, who applied for the Fellowship aiming at studying a new research field. “With the background of spectroscopy and condensed matter physics, I would like to extend my knowledge of light and matter interactions from the perturbative to the non-perturbative regime at ultrafast time scales,” he continues. He intends to explore the carrier dynamics of 2D materials induced by few-cycle light pulse excitations. “I would like to contribute to the fast developing field of novel lightwave electronics and hopefully with some new types of devices,” Zilong adds as a second motivation for his research project.

Zilong, who is originally from Beijing finished his Bachelor at the School of Physics at Peking University and completed his PhD at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore in 2016. Afterwards he worked as a PostDoc researcher in Politecnico di Milano (Italy) on the topic of ultrafast spectroscopy in 2D materials.

15th October 2019