NUSS workshop

Within the framework of the LMUexcellent program of the DFG, with support by the IMPRS-APS, we coordinated a workshop entitled “Nano and Ultrafast Surface Science (NUSS)”. This was our second workshop based on the collaboration between LMU and the University of Tokyo. With a total of 52 participants, 7 from the University of Tokyo, 12 external participants from all over Europe, and 35 participants from LMU, TUM, and MPQ, the NUSS workshop welcomed more than twice as many participants as our first workshop held in 2016. We had a poster session with 20 contributions (picture 2), and selected the best poster for an award (picture 3). Our aim for this workshop was enhancing cross-disciplinary thinking between the fields of nano surface science, and ultrafast science to develop ultrafast nano surface science. For this purpose, we invited leading researchers from the three fields who presented their favorite subjects to both professionals and students from other disciplines. Thanks to the great dedication of the speakers, and the enthusiasm of all participants, NUSS was a truly lively and productive workshop! We are looking forward to the next NUSS workshop in Japan!

Picture 1: Workshop participants.

Picture 2: Poster session.

Picture 3: Best poster award

9th November 2019