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Ultrafast electron dynamics in a single molecule

The purpose of the project is to investigate the optical response of a single molecule, such as C60, on a metallic nano-object using few-cycle laser pulses. Applying a strong DC electric field to a metallic nano-tip enables electron emission from its surface through quantum mechanical tunneling, which is termed as field emission. A single molecule on the tip apex can be observed via imaging the resulting field emission patterns. Illuminating such a nano-tip with a laser, electrons can be emitted from a single molecule, as schematically drawn in the figure below. With observing the laser-induced electron signal, we should be able to track the dynamics of a single molecule on the nano-tip. Also, we can investigate ultrafast electron dynamics in a single molecule by analysing the energy of the emitted electrons. These techniques will be used to create a single-molecule-based ultrafast quantum dot.

The main work of the thesis is to perform the laser-molecule/tip experiments described above with the system we setup already. Through the project, you will learn about ultrafast physics in a single molecule on a metallic nano-object as well as optics of few-cycle laser pulses. Equally important, working in a highly motivated team, you will be well supported during your thesis by Ph.D. students and postdocs.

If you are interested in this project, please contact:

Ultrafast Field Emisssion Team

Dr. Hirofumi Yanagisawa (office: 215, Am Coulombwall 1, 85748 Garching)
Office Phone: 08928914110

28th May 2018