Interns and HIWIs

We are looking for motivated students who would like to work with us on our ACCORD system. The students will work in a fancy laser lab. The works you are going to be involved in are listed as below:


  • Characterisation of the pulses pre-HCF (CEP stability,  M squared, Beam profile, Beam pointing and stability)
  • Setting up a chirped mirror compressor and characterising pulses (Pulse duration, Spectrum and chirp (FROGs), Compensation)
  • Building a d-scan and/or FROG setup (on a breadboard) for ACCORD system.


  • Setting up an integrated interlock system and shutters pre-HCF box, this works with Aligna Stabilisation System to automatically close off HCF box in case of stabilization issues.
  • The implementation of temperature surveillance system in the laser amplifier cavity.
  • Digitally controlled device monitoring and realisation of a testing rig for the electronics.
  • Design and development of a motion control system (primarily the algorithm) that automatically optimises the necessary 3D space coordinates of a Toroidal focusing mirror and the incoming beam position on it, to minimise optical aberrations caused by minute misalignment of the incoming beam.

For further information, please contact: Matthias Kling

16th April 2019